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Island, Sex & Survival 荒島 X 愛 X 求生

Island, Sex & Survival 荒島 X 愛 X 求生

Language Support -

English | Chinese


OS Support -

Windows | Steam Deck


Game Tag -

恋爱 | 荒岛 | live2D | 成人 | 裸露 | 精美画风

Love | Deserted Island | live2D | Adult | Nudity | Beautiful painting style

You, who are at your wits' end, decide to embark on a ship to sea to repay a massive debt, only to encounter a maritime disaster along the way, resulting in the sinking of the ship. Fortunately, you narrowly escape death and are washed up on a mysterious island by the ocean currents.

On the island, you establish a camp and embark on a new life. During this time, you meet the local inhabitant Nadi, rescue other survivors, and deepen your relationships with various companions through a series of events. With their help, you expand and develop the base, explore the mysterious areas of the island unknown to others, and discover more treasures and secrets.


■Game Features

  • A text adventure game featuring light gathering and crafting systems.
  • It includes six female characters with distinct styles.
  • There are multiple ending routes.
  • The game features over 34 CG scenes, 19 of which are animated.

(*Only H scenes have voice acting.)






  • 文字冒险游戏,搭配轻度的采集、工艺系统
  • 六名风格迥异的女角
  • 有多个结局路线
  • 总CG超过34,其中有19段动态CG


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