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Jerry Wanker and the Quest to get Laid 杰瑞·沃克尔的性爱追求

Jerry Wanker and the Quest to get Laid 杰瑞·沃克尔的性爱追求

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English | Chinese


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2D | 冒险 | 裸露 | 成人 | 解谜

2D | Adventure | Nudity | Adult | Puzzle

Tonight is the night! Next door at the spooky mansion, the hottest girls in Blueball Falls are throwing the hottest and sexiest party in history!

Enter Jerry Wanker or at least he’d like to enter. Considered the dillweed of town, Jerry didn’t get invited. Now he’s far from a badass, but his theoretical knowledge about sex is as broad as his cunning. He’ll need that, his wits, a sense of humor and the outside-the-box thinking to outsmart the lugheads and scrubs keeping him from his goal. A hot date with at least one of the lovely gals at the party!


Jerry Wanker and the Quest to get Laid! is a nostalgic successor to some of the best when it comes to naughty Point and Click Adventures! Unlock the hidden path to get with the fairer sex in the newest game made by the creators of Perky Little Things! Beyond an amazing handcrafted 2D world, you’ll find familiar characters, fun banter and plenty of lusty times in this fresh and saucy tale.

But never forget. Only with your help does Jerry stand a chance to achieve his goal. Don’t leave him hanging!


没错,就是今晚!在隔壁鬼魅般的大厦中,Blueball Falls镇HOT的女孩们正在举办有史以来最火爆派对!
Jerry Wanker会去参加,或至少他想去参加。Jerry在镇上只是个无名小卒,所以没有接到邀请。他现在还远远算不上什么大人物,

谈到顽皮的点击式冒险游戏游戏,杰瑞·沃克尔的派对追爱记,可谓继承了其中某些佼佼者中的怀旧基因!在Perky Little Things的设计师们所制作的最新游戏中,




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