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Master of Vtuber 模拟类游戏 Vtuber大師

Master of Vtuber 模拟类游戏 Vtuber大師

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English | Chinese


OS Support:-

Windows | Steam Deck


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养成 | 经营 | 策略 | 剧情 | 模拟

Development | Management | Strategy | Plot

◆Game Introduction◆
There are various reasons why someone would want to become a Vtuber. It could be a simple love for singing, gaming, or drawing, with the desire to share those passions with others. It might also be a means of practicing social skills or escaping from reality. Once a Vtuber begins streaming, they inevitably encounter challenges and obstacles. Some choose to give up, while others persist, continuously improving themselves and acquiring various skills to enhance their streaming quality, aiming to become a more formidable Vtuber.

Those who persist till the end will discover that, regardless of their initial motivations, the ultimate goal is the same – to become a Vtuber Master who is beloved and welcomed by the audience, capable of standing out on their own!


而在开始实况后难免遇到各种困难、阻碍,有些人选择了放弃,也有人选择继续坚持,并且持续精进自己、学习各种不同的技能,尝试让自己的实况效果更好,成为更厉害的Vtuber 。



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