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Metal Slug Attack Reloaded 合金弹头进攻重装上阵

Metal Slug Attack Reloaded 合金弹头进攻重装上阵

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English | Chinese


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Windows | Steam Deck


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塔防| 怀旧 | 像素 | 动作 | 剧情 | 角色扮演

Tower Defense | Nostalgia | Pixel | Action | Story | Role Playing

METAL SLUG, the classic action shooter, retains its detailed 2D pixel look and is now a tower defense game with beginner-friendly controls!

Help familiar characters grow, and build the strongest deck. Use all sorts of strategies to crush enemy bases! The game also features “ANOTHER STORY”, which fans won't want to miss, and “GALLERY” Mode. War it out with players all over the world for the highest title!

■METAL SLUG is now a tower defense game!
METAL SLUG, beloved for its detailed 2D pixel art graphics and unique, comical setting, is now a tower defense game of the epic proportions!

■Over 300 characters duke it out!
There are over 300 super unique characters in the game! Five factions including the Regular Army, Rebel Army, Space Army, and more wage all-out war! You'll want to pay attention to how the massive war machines jitter as they move around!

■Hard-core action with easy controls
The controls make it so that anyone can have fun playing! Gameplay is easy, but hard to master! Train your favorite characters and build your unique deck!

■Must-see stories for METAL SLUG fans!
“ANOTHER STORY” follows the characters in a lengthy sequel to the story, and “GALLERY” Mode allows you to view art and listen to the music in the game!

■Battle online against players from all over the world!
In addition to “ROOM BATTLE” to battle friends, there's also “MATCHING BATTLE” in which you can fight other players around the world for the highest title of “Super Devil”!


人气动作设计游戏《METAL SLUG》推出炮塔防御类型版本,同时保持其原有的细腻2D像素和世界观!

培育那些熟悉的角色,并构建最强兵种配置。运用各种战略攻略敌人的基地吧!此外,游戏内还设有粉丝不可错过的“ANOTHER STORY”以及“GALLERY”模式。与世界各地的玩家一决高下,争夺最强称号吧!

■《METAL SLUG》推出炮塔防御类型版本!
以其细腻的2D像素图像以及独家的有趣世界观而大获成功的《METAL SLUG》推出极具魅力的炮塔防御类型版本!



■内设《METAL SLUG》粉丝不可错过的模式!
大篇幅讲述角色之后故事的“ANOTHER STORY”,以及可以欣赏设定画和BGM的“GALLERY”模式!

玩家可在“ROOM BATTLE”和好友一同轻松对战,或者在“MATCHING BATTLE”里和世界各地的玩家一决高下,争夺最强称号”大魔王“!