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Night Loops 循环的夜

Night Loops 循环的夜

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English | Chinese


OS Support:-

Windows | Steam Deck


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心里恐怖 | 角色扮演 | 冒险 | 互动 | 恐怖游戏 | 生存恐怖

Psychological Horror | Role Playing | Adventure | Interactive | Horror Games | Survival

A story about finding the “psychic somewhere.” Numb, floating in a day-to-day nowhere, each night bleeds the same but different. It is said here, that through The Path, an inner world can be rebuilt and your ownership returned. Yes, this is a psychological-horror adventure game…but it’s one like you’ve never seen before.


  • Endless mansion forever stuck in a time loop that resets before dawn.
  • Intricate puzzles tied directly to the guests of the Seaside Hotel.
  • Managing psychic masks and juggling powers of their original owners.
  • Investigating endless dreamscapes to find out the truth(s) about the hotel and its owner.
  • Branching stories and endings.
  • Original gloomy soundtrack by s3-z.




  • 困在时间循环之中的无尽宅邸,每到黎明时分便会重置
  • 复杂难解的谜题,均与海滨酒店的客人有直接联系
  • 管理诸多心灵面具,以及面具原主人赋予的特殊能力
  • 调查无尽的梦境幻景,找到酒店及其所有者的真相
  • 剧情有不同分支,通向不同的结局
  • 由s3-z制作的阴郁配乐