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NTR'd by Clumsiness v1.0 被傻小子绿了 v1.0

NTR'd by Clumsiness v1.0 被傻小子绿了 v1.0

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English | Chinese


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Windows | Steam Deck


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文字游戏  | 文字冒险 | 成人 | 视觉小说 | 互动小说 | 裸露 | NTR

Word Game | Adult | Visual Novel | Interactive Novel | Nudity

NTR'd By Clumsiness is an NTR kinetic novel full of comedy and accidental infidelity! As Chris welcomes his late friend's clumsy son in his house, watch as his wife Natasha bends over backward (by tripping and falling) to make his stay comfortable. Accidental sex is the name of the game (literally)!


A month after the death of his friend and boss, Chris decides to invite his late friend's son—Jeff—to stay at his house for two weeks while he's in transition to go to college. On the eve of Jeff moving in, Chris decides to mention to his wife the danger that she's about to face; the boy is unusually clumsy.