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RitualSummon 冒牌圣女的邪教讨伐

RitualSummon 冒牌圣女的邪教讨伐

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English | Chinese


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Windows | Steam Deck


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动作 | 裸露 | 成人 | 横板卷轴 | 角色扮演 | 2D

Action | Nudity | Adult | Side Scroller | Role Playing | 2D

On the continent of Midra, there exist two competing faiths - The Pure White Holy Church and The Cult of Flesh and Lust.
Whenever the centuries pass and the centuries turn, the Holy Church and the Cult of Lust will summon their own holy or devil maiden from other worlds through a summoning ceremony.
But the summoning ceremony will only be successful once every hundred years. The side that successfully summoned their maidens will dominate the next century of this world.

In the last hundred years,he Pure White Holy Church has successfully summoned the holy maiden,
Making The Pure White Holy Church the dominant religion in Midra. But The Cult of Flesh and Lust Instead have not completely disappeared。Instead they lurk in the shadows。
co-opting bandits, bullies and even Goblins. They breed and grow quietly, waiting for the right moment.

At the turn of one hundred years, The girl "Pella", who had been doing nothing in the original world, was summoned to the Midra continent as a saint.
However, she has absolutely no interest in the high-risk, low-reward work of the Holy Maiden, and she just wants to find a way to go back.
The priests of The Pure White Holy Church gradually saw the clues, and there was more and more suspicion about the Holy maiden。
With no way out, Pella can only accept the dangerous mission of crusade against The Cult of Flesh and Lust, trying to escape from the church's control while proving herself in battle.





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