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Road 96: Mile 0 九十六号公路:零号里程

Road 96: Mile 0 九十六号公路:零号里程

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冒险 | 路途 | 剧情 | 角色扮演 | 动作

Adventure | Journey | Story | Role Playing | Action

Road 96: Mile 0 is a Narrative-Adventure game with a musical component created by DigixArt, the French studio behind the successful Road 96, 11-11 Memories Retold and 5 Pegases Awards winner. Published by Ravenscourt, players will alternate between the roles of Zoe and Kaito, two teenagers with different backgrounds and beliefs. They live and explore White Sands, a luxurious condominium where Petria´s elite reside and where Kaito´s parents work.

Zoe is one of the characters of Road 96. She comes from the rich side of the city and her father works for the government. Kaito, a character from Lost in Harmony, lives in the less privileged area. They're good friends, but that could all change quite soon.
Their journey in Road 96: Mile 0 will challenge their friendship and everything they believe in. They say money doesn’t buy happiness, nor friendship. These teens are dreamers and they are going to learn where they belong. Will they remain friends?

Road 96 World

Understand the previous event of Road 96 and what made Zoe flee from her home. Play as Zoe and Kaito to shape the evolution of their fate. Besides this, you will run into many of the colorful characters from Road 96. Get to experience another side of the troubled country of Petria.

It's All About Friendship

This is a story about conflict and difference of opinion between two friends. Zoe and Kaito come from two different worlds, but they are unified by a powerful friendship. They will face many challenges, can they overcome them?


《九十六号公路:零号里程》是一款带有音乐元素的冒险游戏,开发团队为DigixArt,他们开发了《九十六号公路》与《11-11复述回忆》,并获得了五项 Pégases 奖项。本游戏由Ravenscourt发行。在这款游戏中,玩家将交替扮演佐伊与海翔这两位拥有不同背景与人生信念的青少年,探索他们所居住的豪华社区——白沙镇。这里是佩特里亚精英的居住区,而海翔的父母在这里工作。