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Smash Girls v1.03 乱斗少女 v1.03

Smash Girls v1.03 乱斗少女 v1.03

Language Support -

English | Chinese


OS Support -

Windows | Steam Deck


Game Tag -

像素 | 格斗 | 竞技 | 成人 | 裸露 | 大乱斗

Pixel | Fighting | Competitive | Adult | Nudity | Brawl

A port city located on an island in East Asia... Koto. Divided into thirteen administrative districts, beneath Koto's bustling surface lies a dark underbelly comprised of slums, black markets, cults, and assassins...

And then one day, the twelve most powerful gangs suddenly vanished, leaving only the Kyoukakai Association, which consists of a mere two members: a white-haired girl and... a penguin.


This power vacuum led to the rise of four new organizations vying for control over a period of three years. It's up to you to end the chaos!


It's fighting time, arcade style!
Classic fighting gameplay: Choose your favorite combat style to knock your opponents out of the ring!


位于亚洲东部的海岛城市 - 港都,港都有十三个行政地区。 在繁华的表面隐藏着不少黑暗面,贫民区、黑市、邪教、杀手⋯
而在地下世界当中十二个最具有权力的黑手党,有一天突然全部消失殆尽。 只留下一个白衣少女与一只企鹅的京华会。






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