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Super Woden GP 2 超级沃顿大奖赛2

Super Woden GP 2 超级沃顿大奖赛2

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赛车 | 竞速 | 速度 | 跑车 | 街机 | 汽车 | 复古

Racing | Racing | Speed ​​| Sports Car | Arcade | Car

Super Woden GP 2 is a love letter to the world of motor sports, offering a unique experience. Arcade-style isometric racing meets unrivaled campaign depth and a huge variety of vehicles to buy, sell and unlock.

Championships, Rallys, weekend events, arcade mode, endurance races... In Super Woden GP you will race in all kinds of competitions!

■ A very intuitive central map where you will find infinite possibilities.

■ More than 180 vehicles that you can obtain with the credits earned in the races, or unlock secret cars.

■ 9 car manufacturers from different countries of the world.

■ Tune up your car in the garage for maximum performance, or change its design in the paint shop.

■ Vibrant graphic section thanks to its artistic style and different display modes.

■ A wide variety of circuits and rally stages from around the world.

■ Powerful and nostalgic original soundtrack, by DJ DeVito & DonutDroid.

■ Local multiplayer for up to 4 players in split screen.

■ Record your times online to beat the records of other players.

Are you ready for the ultimate automotive experience?


Super Woden GP 2是一封写给世界赛车运动的情书,能为您提供独特的街机风格倾斜固定视角赛车体验。包含各种组别的比赛和多种品牌的车辆以供购买,出售和解锁。

锦标赛,拉力赛,周末活动,街机模式,耐力赛…Super Woden GP能带给您所有赛事体验!







■游戏内包含由DJ DeVito & DonutDroid 创作的复古风音乐带您回到精彩的街机时代。