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Venture to the Vile 向邪恶进军

Venture to the Vile 向邪恶进军

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English | 中文


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Windows | Steam Deck


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冒险 | 横板卷轴 | 剧情 | 角色扮演 | 动作

Adventure | Side Scroll | Drama | RPG | Action

Venture to the Vile is a spooky 2.5D Metroidvania set in the strange town of Rainybrook, which has been overrun by a mysterious entity known as the Vile.

Absorb the Vile’s powers, fight through treacherous grounds that were once your home, and find your lost friend Ella before it’s too late!



Jump, swing, and fight your way through dangerous enemies as you explore a carefully crafted 2.5D world full of puzzles to solve and secrets to discover. Unlock new abilities to overcome the Vile’s monstrosities — even if it means losing your humanity.

Every new ability helps you uncover new dynamic areas, find new unique bosses, 2.5D environments to explore, and be rewarded with upgrades as you go.


《Venture to the Vile》是一款詭異風格的 2.5D 類銀河戰士惡魔城遊戲。故事背景設定在一座名為雨溪鎮的怪異小鎮,這裡飽受一種神